How to quickly raise your vibration frequency when you feel depressed?



There is a theory that we all vibrate at different vibration frequencies. Clients who are depressed often tell me that time slows down a lot. Sometimes the only thing that they look forward is going to

sleep because that is the only time that they get a break from their negative thoughts. In people who are depressed, the bad events from the past often get activated. People who are depressed

often go to their past and remember the bad things that have happened to it. They also think about people who have done them wrong and think about things that they should have done differently.

When the past is activated often one bad thought leads to another and so on.  People have a difficult time stopping their negative thoughts. These negative thoughts and trying to fight them and get

rid of them, consume a lot of energy which often exhaust the person. Here is a method that I use with clients that can quickly bring up the energy level when they are very depressed:

Think about your special place.  Most of us have one. One that we have good memories of and make us feel at peace. Most people tell me about a place in nature. Afterwards, start rubbing your

hands together for about 40-60 seconds until they start feeling warm. Put your right hand on your heart. Start taking deep breaths. Feel the energy going from your hand to your heart. Give the

energy a color. One that makes you happy. Fill in your heart with the good energy. Imagine you are in your special place and keep taking deep breaths and filling your heart with good energy.

Imagine walking in your special place and filling your heart with good energy