Truama. What is it and how if affect us? Truama can be descrbed as any event where our subconscious mind feels treated to be harmed. Reactions to trauma include fight, flight or freeze. What happends in truama is that the energy of truama often stays in the body or the subconcious mind. I often asked my clients about truama and if they have processed it or not. Some tell me that they have and others tell me that they have talk therapy regarding their truama and have talked to their therapist about it. It is very importnat to know that talking about trauma and processing it are two differnt things. When truama is procssed its energy is released where as talking about it, will just bring the old memories back and can trigger the client.

Many clients that I work with ask me if what they are dealing with is truama or not and the answer is usually “yes”. Most people think that trauma happes to soliders who go to war only but that it not the case. It is important to know that it is not the event that causes the truama but how your psyche see it when the event it happening.

In our subconcious mind there is not time so that event that might have happend 20-30 years ago it can still hunt us if they are not processed. I once worked with an elderly men who was in his 80’s. During processing his truma he remembered things that has happened to him when he was 4 years old. Another client who had an issue with overeathing traced her truama back to the time she was 6 years old, eating a potato chip while her sister was being beaten by her father. Our subconcious mind works with linking things together. So in this case eating pota chips was related to feelng of getting a relief.

How is truama processed. there are differnt methods for processing truama. it is important to build rapport with the client before processing their truama. There are also precautions that need to be taken before processing truama.

I used several methods such as EMDR, Flash Technique and Tapping to process truama with my client.