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Depression and anxiety which one comes first?  What is depression? Is it a disease? Depression and anxiety are called the common cold of mental health. Is it normal to get depressed sometimes?

So, it is normal to be depressed sometimes?  We all experience range of emotions that are very normal. If you ever meet someone who tell you that they are always happy, do not believe them! In fact, the reason we can feel our emotions is that the opposite of those feelings exist and we have experienced them in the past.  We are all human and many life events  can make us feel depressed.

Depression is a state of low energy in which time slows down. When we get depressed doing even simple things become very difficult. Our Vibration frequency also decreases when we get depressed. When we get depressed, bad memories from our  past also get activated. This is the reason we keep recalling negative events from our past and go from one event to another.  Depression is a state of being bombarded with these memories and negative thinking.

Our mind often refuses to stay in the present moment. It has a tendency to go to the past and jump in to the future. When it goes to the past, we usuallly remember unpleasant things that have happened to us. When our mind goes to the future and we start asking ourselves “what if”  questions we often feel anxious.