Ever wondering how to deal with depressive thoughts who come to your mind over and over. In cognitive behavioral therapy we often writer down our

thoughts and try to look at them from a  more logical way of thinking recognizing distortions in our thoughts that often exist when we are depressed. This

does help people looking at things from a more logical  and realistic point of view, but it also creates a dialogue between us and our mind that is often

bothersome. Have you ever tried swimming against the current? Yes the more we try the more we feel  that we are stuck. Fighting with our thoughts does

not do anything for us and leave us more frustrated. Now, look at your thoughts only as thoughts. Observe your thoughts. Once you become an

observant you can distance yourself emotionally from your thoughts. Let your thoughts come and go without reacting to them. Don’t tell yourself that you

should not be depressed. This is a trap.Simply accept that you are not feeling well at this moment. Don’t try to change your thoughts or the way that you

feel. pay attention to your breathing. Breath in, breath out and watch your thoughts come and go. Once you start not showing reaction to your thoughts,

you will see that less and less thoughts come to your mind. You can even give your mind a name. it can be anything. Once your mind start wondering

simply call your mind by its name and ask him to come back to the present moment