Going to supports groups are often very valuable for people who have OCD.  People who go to OCD support group often see others who have been able to deal with their OCD through medication and psychotherapy effectively, which often gives clients hope. Sometimes people who have OCD feels that they are the only one who are dealing

with this issue, but going to support groups creates hope for people. Having said that there is an issue that people in OCD run into sometimes when they go to groups. People with OCD often has what we call Thought Fusion.

Meaning that when thoughts come to their mind they often act on it. For example some one who does not have OCD might start to think that their hand is dirty, but they know that this is just a thought and that they just washed their hands a couple of minutes ago. However, when OCD is not treated a thought often leads to a compulsion such as hand washing which decreases their OCD, momentarily. However, it is just a matter of time, before the next thought comes in and the cycle of OCD continues. . Going back to OCD support groups, sometimes people listen to some one who has a certain type of obsession or OCD and start thinking that they have it, even though they don’t. afterwards they starts having obsessive thoughts about it and become afraid of having that compulsion that creates more anxiety for them. One important skills that helps people with OCD is treating a thought as a thought and not giving it importance and avoid from doing compulsion as much as they can. Even though compulsions decrease anxiety in the short term, long term they create more anxiety and keep the client in the cycle of OCD.